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Transparent resined medallions and seals - relief effect on glass containers

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Medallions and seals partially resined embossed

SealLux is an extremely flexible resin coated label seal to meet all your needs for customization of your packaging. There are endless options of shapes and decorations. You can reproduce your own design and implement it with our advanced offset printing, high resolution digital printing, or silk screen printing along with our computerized plotter cutter technology.

SealLux is an award winning product used for countless applications ranging from packaging and branding of wine, sprits, cosmetics, food, pharmaceuticals and fashion. The capability of our product leads us to discover new applications every day.

The choice of adhesives used is important. In relation to the material on which the label is applied (wood, glass, paper, plastic, metal, etc.) we are able to provide the best 3M adhesive suited for your application.

We start with your logo or design and our skilled graphic designers will mock up the design and send out a proof of the medallion seal or domed label for approval. Once the artwork is approved, our production time can range from 4 to 6 weeks. Contact us for your next project. We can provide you with the most competitive quotes in the market. 

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